Thursday, January 5

Mount Fuji + Hot Springs

One of the big bucket lists to do in Japan is go out to Mount Fuji, finally did! We rented a car to take us up all the way. Takes about 2 hours from the center of Tokyo to reach the volcano. We were able to go up to 2020 meters but not to the highest peak because there were avalanche warnings. The view up at 2020 meters was amazing!!

After being up on the top we drew to the lake nearby. The reflection while the sun was going down just stunning.

And finally, after walking a lot the whole day, sit in the hot spring watching the the sunset. Water was 42,7 degrees. Hot springs in Japan is one of the best thing, Sauna here is always 95 degrees warm! Suits us Finns perfectly.

Stopping for some snacks, so clean and fresh outside the city! 
 There she is! Fuji-san! 
 Up up along the spiralling roads 
 Up at the peak, amazing view!! Packed with mostly Chinese tourists 
 The top of Mount Fuji 

 Next station was closed 
 Mom & Mom 

 Nice misty layer 

 Stopped for lunch not far from Fuji. Was so good! 

 Small village living on tourists going to Fuji
 This is a must see in Japan! 
 What a sunset. Reflected Fuji, no filter. The sky was actually this yellow red. 
 At natural hotspring with sunset, water was 42,7 degrees. Could the view get much better? Love Japan! 

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