Friday, January 20

Down the Mekong river in Saigon

Was very nostalgic to come back to Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City as it's officially called now. It was from here I started my first ever motorbike trip in Asia with James back in 2011. It was also here we spent the first time together with Mona. The food & coffee is just fantastic. Beware of bikes though, there are thousands and thousands. I really hope his city does not get over populated by cars, can't imagine how the streets will be like if all bikes be changed to cars.

Saigon is much more commercialised than Hanoi, lot of sky-risers here. 

Nice welcoming gift in the hotel :) 
Hotel inside was nicely done 
Upside down? 
 SPA in Le Meridien hotel is worth a try. You really get the best massages for a great price
 REX Hotel, where it all started 
 Street party, full of families and music was like being on a EDM fetival 
 Mr. Ho Chi Minh in front of the old French Town Hall

Lot of shops in a small space
 Best Vietnamese food you can ever imagine can be found at Nha Hang Ng 
Nom nom nom  
Or you could also just buy street food 
 1 hour food masssage yes please, 4 dollars. And that was probably a rip off :D 
 Backpacker area full of bars, shops and restaurants 

 Breakfast ove the city. Ok I admit the plate looks horribly messy
 Helipad brought from Korea by sea. I don't remember where I read that 
 City Hall just before dusk 
 Bikes!!! A LOOOOT of bikes 
 Notre Dame
 Probably one of the most beautiful post houses still exciting and being used 
 Jade Emperor Pagoda 

 Vietcom Bank tower 
Love these old styled propaganda posters. I'm doing my part! 
 A last beer and snack around the backpack area before going back to pack up and leave early next morning home to Tokyo 
 5 am still dark outside. That was an EARLY wakeup. Thank you ANA Air for upgrading me to business on the way back :) 
 Mekong Snake rive 

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