Sunday, January 29

Happy New Year 2017 from Tokyo !

You would probably think that a city like Tokyo is full of fireworks and parties when it's new year. Wrong! Probably the most quiet and peaceful city in the world when it come to New Years. Reason? NY eve for Japanese is pretty much like our Christmas Eve. No fireworks, no crazy parties (except for the foreign expats).

In Japan you go to the temple during the first day of the year. All temples in Japan are packed with people! Some come to que for hours to be the first visitors. Suppose to be more lucky...But what I'm sure it is is COLD!

Our Tsukuda temple before New Year...
And then our temple morning on January 1st. The que was stretching far beyond the picture 
 Meiji Shrine during NY night. People lining up...Was about 0 degrees so ain't gonna be no joy to wait here

 Lot of people out on NY night in Omotesando. Streetfood! 
 New Years day restaurants offering free sake. So cute the way they handled it out in a Kimono! Gottta LOVE Japan.  
 First sunset of 2017
 Went for a run to Asakusa, the year starts beautifully! Skytree in reflection on Asahi's building
Ryogoku - The Sumo's train just around the corner here
 A healthier 2017 with less meat 
 Some Monja Street street art
 New criminal looking passport coming up :D 
 Time to figure out this new year with team here
Biohazard 20th anniversary in Odaiba - Joypolice. Wasn't really good but at least checked off the list.
 We went to worlds first VR zombie shooting game located in Joypolice. You have to book in advance to get tickets here because it's so popular. The gear consists of earphones, VR headset and a rifle. You are in a big room around 100m2 and then zombies just start coming from every corner. It's a non stop 20 minute survival and so cool! Anyone in Tokyo HAS to try this!! Costs about 15 euros. I'll be heading here soon again :)
 Instruction video before the fun starts 

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