Monday, January 30

Hej Stockholm!

It's been 7 months since I was back in Europe. It's been many years since I had this long break from "home". Was nice to come back to knäckebröd, leverpastej & real fresh milk. Nomnom. Problem is that always when home you eat too much. Maybe just try a bit of this and that sums up...Totally worth it though. Got upgraded to the Superior suite with balcony over Stockholm city, lucky! Would have been great to have this room with balcony during the summer. Now in a snowy winter it wasn't much use, still amazing view.

Subway at around 5:30 am is pretty empty. 
Monorail to Haneda Airport was a bit more packed 
Snow! Haven't seen you in a looong time 
Stockholm from the roof, making some ice coffee

Stockholm 180 degrees 
 Towards Gamla Stan
 City Hall 
 Södra Mälarstranden 
Interesting glow in the clouds. Wonder if it was at the stadium 
 Neat light in the room 
 It. Is. COLD. 
 Evening snack @ Berns Asiatiska 
 BioGaia wishes Merry Xmas & healthy stomach to y'all
 Team Asia ready for 2017. You guys are the best to work with! 
 The office with the best view 
 Stairs to expressen, it's a long way down. See you in a week again Stockholm. 

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