Tuesday, November 1

Maple leaf Canada, Montreal!

Another place that's been on my bucket list for a long time is Canada. Heard before that it's a very much upgraded version of Scandinavia with more options to shop, more impressive nature and great people! Turned out that all of this was true :)

It was a very short flight from New York to Montreal, airport was totally deserted when I arrived. Was a smooth ride to the hotel but taxi had to take a bit of a detour because a huge track had capsized and all roads were closed.

We had a week long paediatric expo in Montreals exhibition center with people from all around the world. Was great to meet and see so much new things. One company had an amazing virtual reality helmet which took you around the intestine, made so realistic. Have to get the new Playstation with VR later.

One thing I was really surprised about the city was how French it was. Many of the people hardly spoke any english. Specially taxi drivers, all waiters started by using French when sitting down somewhere. Felt like going to France in many ways.

Montreal was gorgeous, prices were very reasonable, awesome food and a peaceful place. Would def come back someday to see more of Quebec.

Overlooking the city from colleagues hotel
Old Montreal restaurant street
Really beautiful city, could be anywhere in France or Germany 
The Notre Dame Cathedral 
Inside Norte Dame
New port
Been waiting for a long time to try Five Guys, the best burgers on the east coast!
Was sooooooo good!
Have some peanuts while waiting for your burger, they are all customized to your taste! 
nom nom nom - Signed, fatty
Here we go! 
The show must go on :)
Exhibition center was very colourful 
Had a fantastic dinner in the evening at W Hotel, they really know how to make food look good, and taste! 
My jetlag was pretty horrible, I kept waking up 4 - 5 am everyday. It was gorgeous to go outside and run when the sun was coming up and no tourists in the streets. Love the early Montreal.

Mirror image

Maple Leaft flying high
Some other guy also enjoying the early morning sunrise. He gave me a nod when I also came to admire the view. 
Awesome track course, would be cool to try
This store took Halloween to a new level
Winter, winter is coming...
There is a massive old factory that's now abandoned. I would love to organise a or go to a rave there. Coolest venue in Montreal just collecting dust. 
The Windsor station ir gorgeous but totally empty. 
Chinatown, or more like Taiwan town 
At Mount Royal Chalet lookout point. Best place for a city skyline!
Saint Joseph, the 3rd highest cathedral in the world. At least according to their info inside.

It's a great view from here, all airplanes passes this point
This little fella was also enjoying some snacks 
Come in for at beer at Madhatter's 
Sunset from my hotel was pretty amazing one night 
Took a quick peek in the Museum of Fine Arts before heading to the airport

African masks, not creepy at all. And the best Halloween prize goes to....
Remember seeing this guys work in many places while being in Arizona

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