Saturday, November 5

Mora Canda! Vancouver layover

Stopped by in Vancouver before my final flight back to Tokyo, had a few hours time to go check the city and walk around. It was still very dark in the early morning but I was happy I had the jetlag now :)

The harbour front is gorgeous with the city skyline behind and mountains in front. Vancouver was a really nice city, would not mind at all living here someday!

Waiting for the dawn to arrive...Not much open on Thanks Giving here 
Harbour front didn't look like much in the dark. I was wondering what the lights were that hovered in the air on the other side. 

Wake up Vancouver 
Amaaazing breakfast with maple syrup, bacon, patty, egg! With a coffee on the side this was perfect

Revolving restaurant up in the round tower 
Skyscrapers and mountains 
Main street 

More reflections 
Let there be light! 
City skyline 

See the city from a birds eye by plane 
Canadas maple leafs getting ready for winter...
Robson Square 
 Gas town had a big park for homeless

 Time to fly back to Japan, Canada you were gorgeous! 

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