Wednesday, November 30

Getting Shanghaied, nostalgic to be back!

This is the first time going to China since moving away. Come to think of it I've never been gone this long! Felt quite excited when landing but the excitement died out a bit when it was raining and regular Chinese airport chaos. Maybe I've just been spoiled by Japan...Took a long evening walk after work to get a taste of the Shanghai nostalgia. Some places are same and some have changed. Uber does not work anymore, they terminated the international app and created a new local Chinese Uber that only exists in the China Apple store. And if you don't have a Chinese credit-card you will not be able to access Chinese apple shop, so no more Uber in China for foreigners...Except for a selected few who lives there.

Bye bye Mount Fuji, see you in 2 days again Tokyo 
 The city that never sleeps. View from the 65th floor 
 Had terrible luck with the weather 
 When I moved away this was just a gigantic construction yard. Now there is a mall 
 Good old neighbourhood. Lived here 2011-2012 and 2014-2016
 Home! I miss the massage place next to the gate. 2 hours for 10 euro! 
 Nanjing East road from above. When I first came to Shanghai 2007 I always wanted to go up to the SAS space UFO looking saucer. Never really managed, maybe next time. 
 Dinner with some of our local partners, been a while since I had authentic Chinese food! 

Welcome to listen about Infant Colic 
 This was the first time I lectured on BioGaia in China...And in Chinese! 
 Cozy placed booked at Shanghai Garden Hotel 
 Liquid Laundry where we had some really nice food and drinks boo 
 Tap That! 
 Jussi and Fred, last time here was so much fun 
 Best Chinese food in Shanghai! Also one of the first restaurants I went to. Thank you Jouni for those amazing 2 years with ASR. 
 Cantina Agave is gone guys....
 Many good an IPA tasted here 
 Jing an, was always my home in Shanghai 
 We used to have burgers and beers so many Sunday & Saturday mornings here 
 I do love Shanghai!!
 Mordor, also happens to be my hotel 
 Nanjing East road by night, so many memories from this city pops up in my mind. Time of my life! Would not exchange it for anything 
 Horrible horrible waiting times...
 Nice, who wants to iconic baconic? 
Shanghai was great! But I can't say I miss the smog or slow blocked internet anymore. And one of the worse things here is the airport coming in and flying out. Takes AGES to wait for immigration.  

Rain stops when I leave, of course. 

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