Monday, November 14

Tokyoooooo, so nice to be home!

It's been so nice to be home for a long time now, focus on school. Just going back and forth to work and seeing some places around the city during weekends. Longest time this year I've stayed in 1 city...I have to say, it is so much better to stay home here compared to Shanghai.

Horrible jetlag kept waking me up 5 am in the morning. But it was rewarding seeing the sunrise at Toyosu and Harumi 

No people, great music and perfectly 22 degrees. Never had this nice running grounds before 

Harumi island, Toyosu to the south 
I missed waking up to this, Tokyo still sleeping at 5 am and sun just rising 
Nights are no lesser beautiful 
Found this Sweden House in Toyosu, it looks like they are selling Swedish design houses :) 

BBQ camping area, should try this next summer 
Toyosu LaLa Port 
We went for a walk around Tokyo station and the imperial garden. So many people out on a picnic on this wonderful day 

What an amazing city you are !! 
Can't get much better reflected than this 
New Palace Hotel 
School school every morning. But I think I'm starting to get the hang of this language. At least a little...Can already have very basic discussions with my colleagues and ask stuff in restaurants. Life just got a lot easier!! 
Love walking to the subway station in the morning when the first thing you see is this
Run Forrest run!! There is a Bubba Gump Restaruant chain not far from us. First time I went to it was in Las Vegas. Great shrimp stuff although a little on the upscale price level. 
 Showing some friends around Shinjuku, nothing beats the Robot Restaurant show as a tourist! This time I didn't join it but did go have some BBQ afterwards that probably should check Google translater again :) 
 Gorgeous sunset in Shinjuku 
 Japanese bacon....
 Monja Street by night  
 Now and then we get amazing sunset from the balcony, like this sky on fire 
 Home sweet home 
 Went to get some vaccines in a clinic out in Shimokitazawa. There is a mosquito in Japan that can paralyse you for life with bad luck. It's rare but the rist is still there, not going to take that risk! Was worth coming to this part of the city!  Lot of cool small stores and restaurants here 
 I've seen quite a lot of stores in Japan already that have Finnish names. Some in Swedish too. Scandinavia is popular here! This store "otan tämän" means "I'll take this". Snatchers paradise. 
 They still have sticker shops...
 The street signs often crack me up, this gas station must have a lot of anxious customers 
 Was nice to see an old Beijing friend all the way to Tokyo, some beers in the garden on a Saturday noo. 
 Brunch beer at Shinjukus Golden Gai 
 Omotesando mirrors 
 Anybody in for a Trump or Clinto burger? 
 And vote your own favourite after the meal 
 People say the subway in Japan is really crowded. My line in the morning always looks like this. Another reason why Tsukishima is veeeery nice to live at 
 Went out for the first time on a Dj gig in the Tokyo. Nice set James! Listen to the tracks here
 Cheers to the Manchester bros 
 Found this super bling bling car outside the United Arab embassy. No better place to live than Japan if you like car tuning

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