Thursday, November 17

Tokyo Ramen Festival

There are different kinds of festivals every week in Tokyo, this weekend was a very delicious one. Ramen festival! I was so hungry that I forgot to take an actual picture of the bowl, yum yum. There were different kinds of teenage girls singing during the day and a lot of middle aged guys jumping to the music. Only in Japan....

The girls on stage were probably 15-17 years old. Not a single girl in the audience up ahead and guys were 30+ mostly or more 

Line up for your favorite ramen! Each portion 850 Yen which is about 7 euros. 
But first see some more info on each soup so we know what best "suits" us 

 Heavy tonkatsu ramen coming up 
Ducks chilling 
 Gari Gari! The icecream guy all kids love
What a beautiful night it was that night 
 If you want to buy second hand clothes and vintage things you better head out to Shimokitazawa. They have all kinds of small stores with cool stuff. Also a lot of restaurants and snack shops. Very popular student hang around area. Almost looks like some area in Kreuzberg - Berlin 
Cheap second hand & new stuff! Branded, unbranded or vintage 
 Light in the end of the tunnel 

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