Wednesday, October 26

New York New York!!

Finally made it, to the city where capitalism and modern western culture was born! I've been waiting to set my foot in Manhattan for a very very long time already and now I got a chance :) A long layover after a 14 hour flight from Tokyo!

Landed on a Saturday morning, tried taking an Uber but the driver left without me but still put the fare on. Great. Managed to get another car into the center. Started by walking around a bit and feel the city. I never expected there to be so many homeless sleeping, standing, sitting, lying in the streets. America at a first glance seemed more poor than China.

First glimpse of Manhattan skyline, traffic was kinda bad and sat in the Uber an hour. Only one lane of the bridge was open for some reason. 

Check of seeing Empire State building from the bucket list :) 
Would be great to see a game here someday....
Hungry after a long flight, a quick southern snack...
...of ribs and beer!!! 

Wasn't very lucky with the weather on Saturday but still decided to take a ride to the Statue of Libery. It's on of those things you "have to" do. Boat was very crowded and there were multiple security checks going up the the statue. Took a muuuch longer time to see this icon of freedom than I thought. Worth it one time but would not go again...The boat also stoppen at Ellis Island where immigrants used to pass through when coming to New York on boats before. Must have been horrible to be lined up here for hours and hours after taking a 3 month boat trip in small crammed beds. Must have smelled bad as well.

Ellis island
Manhattan skyline from the Statue of Liberty

Took a walk around Wall Street after coming back from the boat and walked around the area. Lot of cool old buildings and it really feels like being in a movie :)

To broadway! 
Walk around Wall Street (and thinking about The Wolf of Wall Street movie)

Went for a walk in central park too, weather was gorgeous and a lot of people were out on a Sunday. I knew the park was big but didn't expect it to be this big! Metropolitan is a massive museum with ark and history from all across the world.


Time Square - I wonder how many movies have had this places bombe, destroyed, someone shot at or the movie villain telling everyone they are doomed? Was really packed with people! 

Maybe I'll make it to the top next time with more time....
And like in all gangster movies, there is always mist of smoke coming out of manholes and the ground.
Didn't encounter any but thanks for the warning 
The Metropolitan with some amazing pieces of art 

Found our products in every CVS I went in to :)

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