Tuesday, November 15

Halloween in Kawasaki, you have to see this

Last year was my first time in Japan during Halloween, people really made an effort with costumes. This year we went to see a Halloween parade in Kawasaki, never seen so many amazing costumes before! And everyone was wearing something! Amazing how popular it has become here.

20th Halloween parade anniversary! 
 Hundreds of costume enthusiast 
 Well made Boba Fett outfit 
 And even some of the pets were dressed up...
 An angel dropped from the sky 
 Yoshi attack 
 One Piece, must have been the coldest outfit this year
 Daft punk and...some dead dude 
 Channel decide to drop by too 
 Scary Darth Wader 

If JR was a person 
 Some people had really made an effort with the makeup
Eat my...donuts 
Found the winner, Prikamon!
This was really something
Yes Jurassic Park, we know raptors like goats. Goat didn't seem too much of the nibbling on it 

I would have loved Japan as a kid...Mario everywhere! 

Happy Halloween, light-show 

 Walked to the nearby arcade called "Warehouse". Never seen any arcade like this before! Design was made to look like Hong Kong when it was still a slum in Mongkok and toilets were straight from Silent Hill. So cool, Hede we are going here next time you visit. AND they had Silent Hill arcade game!

Entrance to The Warehouse was unlike others. This picture makes me think about the Finnish movie Iron Sky for some reason. 

Kowloon 九龍 (Nine dragons) Is an area in Hong Kong
How Hong Kong looks in Kawasaki...
Silent Hill toilet 
Lot of addicted gamers here

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