Thursday, July 28

Little brothers wedding!

Congrats to the newly wed couple! It was a fantastic setup in the archipelago. I'm really sorry we missed the ferry and arrived 11 minutes late bro! One of the things I hate most is being late and today on this most important occasion I was. Can't forgive myself for that. And not only that, I had to leave just after 9 pm to make my flight to Manila. Heard the after party was great so I hope y'all had a wonderful time!

The good thing with coming a few minutes late was this picture, did not need to be front row with family :D 
Just married in style with a Cadillac V8, the sound this car makes!  
After the church to Pellinge Skärgårdshem. There is an axe throwing society in Pellinge who trains here 
 Perfect weather was ordered 
 All trinkets and ribbos are hand made

 Let the party begin! 
 Amazing cheese cakes and fresh berries 
 I'll miss this place, time to leave again. Until next summer again fair Pellinge
 Off to Philippines to launch our products!

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