Wednesday, August 3

Children's Mission Manila

Children's Mission is a non-profit organisation started by a Swedish couple long time ago. The organisation is funded by different Scandinavian companies including BioGaia. Children's Mission help poor families, orphans and give education to people who cannot afford it. It's an amazing job they do! To make a donation from their webpage click HERE. 
Children's Mission is located about 1 hour drive outside of Manila city, the area is actually on a massive junkyard and most people make a living on collecting garbage. The air lies heavy with a garbage smell mixed with burnt plastic and coal. As you can probably imagine, it is not a pleasant scene or place. Life here compared to whatever I'm used to cannot be compared. 
Because pictures tell more than a 1000 words, appreciate the small & big things you have! Not everyone is as fortunate

Home grown chickens 

Most warm welcome ever for us, click HERE to see it 

All the kids are really happy here! 
Something to think of everyday

Chicken fights are very popular in this area. A good rooster can bring in a lot of money from a fight 
Pig farming to make some money 
The pile of trash is gigantic 
Not all kids are lucky enough to have a spot at Hills of Grace. If you want to help go visit their page
Drying mattresses for second hand sale 
Going around to different centers they have 
Repair shop 
24 hour junk for sale! 

Local "bus" 

Hills of Grace Center

Sponsored by Biltema
The houses they live in ar too small to play in. One building is just for running around and having fuuuuun
Learning center, this one on computer science. There are also classes for manicure, tailoring, welding and massage. 

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