Monday, July 18

Sunny glorious Stockholm

I don't think I have been to Stockholm in this amazing weather before! Almost every day been sunny and warm. Good with the summer because it does not get dark before 11 pm, have so much more time to do stuff after work.

Went to the Ghost Walk around Gamla Stan again, it's a history tour of the "horrors" in Stockholm. Good to get a history lesson brush up! Moderna Museet has an exhibition by Yayoi Kusama for display now, worth going to check if you happen to be in Stockholm! That woman really have a lot of voices speaking to her...Stockholm is just a fantastic city in so many ways!

Drottninggatan after 10 pm. A hot air balloon just descends into the horizon 
Bling! I thought this kinda stuff only excised in Asia
Ghost Walk tour, starts at 7 pm and you need to book in advance 
 Most narrow path in Stockholm, gamla stan
 Castle guard 
 Södra Mälarstranden 

 Up by Gondolen admiring the setting sun 

 Not only the view was nice! 

Starbucks feels so much more authentic here! 

 The old Rival hotel 
 UP! Riddarholm cathedral 
 Stockholm on fire 
 Birds already leaving the cold summer? 
 Time flies 
 NK mall 
 Blåa dörren for dinner, very cozy place 
 Hilton had opened a new cool ice cream & bar 
 Love this candy shop in Gamal Stan! 

 Psykos in Stockholm 

 Old alleys of Gamal Stan 
 Evening run around Kungsholmen 

 Love this view when walking to office in the morning
 Office view, above picture is the bridge straight ahead 
 Stor Torget 
 Panorama sunsets

Royal Theater 
 Yayoi Kusama


The Nordic Museum. Inside exhibition wasn't much to brag about but the building is amazing! 
 Went to Gröna Lund for the first time, crazy fun rides! 

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