Tuesday, July 26

Sveaborg - Helsinki Fort

Probably the most historical fort in Finnish history lies just 20 minutes by ferry outside Helsinki city Centre. You can take the Ferry from Kauppatori.

Sveaborg was build over 300 years ago when Finland still was under Swedish rule but never really used to it's full potential. Some say the commander chickened out when battle was about to start with Russia. Some say he had personal economical ties with Russia which lead to capitulate of the fort. Whatever the reason, we can be happy for it today since it's perfectly preserved! In the summer it's one of the best places you can visit while in Helsinki.

 Welcome to the Shire hobbits 
Entrance gate 
 Fort walls to the right 
 Tomb of the commander 
 Now this is how every summer day should look like!  
Cafe Vanilla, this house was owned by a Russian merchant about 300 years ago. Now it's a very cool small coffee shop with loads of goodies. 
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