Friday, July 15

Island life @ Pellinge

After some hectic months here and there a perfect way to relax is to come out to the summer cottage. Good food, sunshine, no people and FRESH air! Those 8 kilos I've lost the last 3 months are going to come back now :D

Pellinge by summer is amazing
Benitas marknad every weekend until noon. Awesome fresh veggies and fish! 
Guess the fish weight and win it, 1 euro per guess. Didn't get it right this time 
 Fishy fishy 
 Perfect for kids to run around nature 
 Found some "smultro" which according to Google are "hideaways". Never heard it in english but it's tiny strawberries that are more sweet!
 And tons and tons of blueberries everywhere 
 The shop Tove Jansson always came to buy her groceries while she was writing Moomin 
In about 2 weeks little brother getting married here! 
 Daddy's cleaning potatoes 
 Life is goood!! At Pellinge 2 days 
 A stroll around Old BorgĂ„ before driving back to Helsinki 
 Bumble bee passed out in the flower 
Streets dating back about 400 years
Cafe Helmi is really something else. Super authentic cafe! 
On the way home we stopped to pick 15 kilos of strawberries. Most of it we will freeze in for the winter to get some of those much needed C-Vitamins when it's dark and cold. But on the spot I probably ate 2kg. Great dinner! 
 Berries!! Om Nom nom  

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