Thursday, July 14

Final goodbye to Grandpa

Last summer we said our goodbyes to Grandma and now it was your turn to join her. I'll always remember your stories and advice. The summers spent in Tenala all those years are some of the best memories I have of summers as a kid.

Driving to the "city" getting ice cream (which now feels like a tiny village after living in China and Japan), no need to use seat belts on your own road, always remember to stand with legs apart when chopping wood. Hearing your army story 1000 times, teaching me how to heat up the sauna, showing me how to row a boat. The list goes on...Moments and things I will remember and have use of the rest of my life. Thank you.

It's strange to suddenly not have any grandparents, really miss you both. So kind, caring and loving people. Could not have had better grandparents!

Final resting place in Tenala church 

 Family gathering in Tenala after the funeral 

So many summers spent here
This food did not match yours grandma. Not even close. 

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