Sunday, July 10

Half day in Hong Kong

Had a half a day layover in Hong Kong for a meeting. Would not miss the chance to enjoy some awesome Dim Sum while being here! Love the chaotic neon full of life city! Not sure if living here would be my top priority but visiting is always as fun & delicious. Unlike any other place. If you like shopping this is your city. 

Flew out with a budget airline from Tokyo. They limit Chinese explosive buyers on the planes :D 
 Right timing and right place! Saw this sign at the baggage claim area. Lol 
 Tim Ho Wan you wonderful thing! This is the only Dim Sum place that has a Michelin star! Or at least the only one I know of. A set like this is about 2 euros. Cheapest Michelin star in the world but also some of the best food I've ever had. It's in fact so good that I bought a few sets and took it all the way home to Mona! 
 Fried turnips are amazing too 
 This city is like no other
 Fruit market 

 Found this really cool smoothie / fresh fruit squeeze place called Bana bana in Mongkok 
 You take a flavour of the fruit you want and put it in the space ship. Chef will then mix your ice cold fruit drink! Awesome. 

So many choices! 
 Port by the Rambler channel, rain season is here

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