Monday, July 25

More island life in Pellinge

Vacation week for me! Last summer I barley took any time off because there was just too much to. No better way to start a relaxing vacation than by going out to the cottage and enjoy the deep blue sea & sunshine. 

Took the boat out for a tour 
 Got some fish but they were a bit small to eat so we threw them back 
 If I would have to describe how home looks, this would be one of the pictures 
 No cars in miles, no people just tranquil nature and fresh air 

 Our house on the island 
Cloud explosion 
 Some ingredients that make the summer! Home made pickles 

 Local archipelago dark bread 
After coming home we went to see the new Tarzan, gorgeous evening in Helsinki. Movie was better than I thought, worth checking out. Christoph Waltz was again the perfect fellon! 

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