Monday, April 25

The Great Dictator - Story of my Life

I'm not implying on being any sort of dictator but the other week I heard Charlie Chaplins speech from his movie "The Great Dictator" and was inspired. Probably the best speech I've ever heard. This dubstep remix is really amazing 

I had the privilege to once again lecture to about 200 students in my old university, trying to inspire then to pack their bags and go see the world while also preparing them for what's out there. My lecture was just over 1 hour long and got some nice positive feedback from many of the students. Feels great to be able to contribute and give something back from personal experiences.

Thought about a title for a long time, the most suitable I could come up was "A one-way ticket to the story of my life" because that's what this whole thing was about. 

 Some people actually look quite happy, at least no one was sleeping or talking 
 It's important to get out of your comfort zone and take the leap 
 Got this picture added on the University's official Instagram page! A big thanks to the great feedback! Until next year again....

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