Thursday, April 14

BioGaia launched in Sri Lanka

The big day I've been preparing for months now! It's awesome to see projects you do come to life. One year ago I came to Sri Lanka for the first time and that planted a seed for the business that we now started on this gorgeous island. Thank you Kapila for a great launch!

Went around to about 10 hospitals, the private hospitals in Sri Lanka are some of the best I've seen in Asia. Surprising how developed the healthcare system is here considering there was still war 9 years ago.

The launch event was full of smiles and laughter. Awesome job Kapila! Took about 8 months to assess all this together. 
I'm waiting nervous up in the left corner for the short welcoming speech I was to give 

Very innovative ProTectis glass solution! 

 And some live music too!  
Day after the launch it was time to visit some distributors and guests from the night before to share more product info 
Lanka Hospital rooftop 
Get yourself checked...and everyone you know 
Nice view from one of the top floors in a children's hospital 
 One of the oldest British colonial hospitals in Sri Lanka. It's amazing how well they kept it. Feels like going 150 years back in time. 
Even when I was in the Navy myself I never had the opportunity to knock on this door 
Was an honor and a bit random to meet the Navy Commander in Colombo! 
 I got a Sri Lanka Navy coffee cup!
Ööööh what just happened?
Now ProTectis can be found on the shelves in Sri Lankan pharmacies! 
Next morning there were some foreign base jumpers that threw themselves of the WTC and landed on the hotel backyard. Bucketlist material! 

Farewell now Colombo, really nice city. Sun shine 90% of the year and it's always 30 degrees with a slight breeze and fresh air. What more could you ask for? 

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