Friday, April 15

Mumbai - Slumdog Millionaire !

As soon as the plane lands in Mumbai it smells somehow damp. It's kinda like when you go into an old house that no one has been in ages mixed with a hot swamp. Hoping my stomach will not die on me this India trip...Was horrible a little over 1 year ago when I got a food poisoning in Mumbai.

Hotel upgraded me to the top floor, view was great but EVERY car in India honks like there is no tomorrow, had to use earplugs to sleep. Just next to this nice hotel there are hundreds of people living in the slums that look horrible. Life if full of injustice....

Just next to the Westin you can go check the Kanheri Caves. Pretty amazing digging people did about 2000 years ago! Indiana Jones-ish.

Pictures taken from Westins top 35th floor, poverty next to luxury

Next time I'm gonna try to take the "slum tour" that takes you into these places

 Transport of choice: tuktuk. Very affordable however when they go out on highways you better hope a big truck doesen't randomly hit you. Booked car from hotel this time in Mumbai... 
Digging up something from the sewers...Let me tell you it smelled horrible here
So what happens when there is a fire...? 
There are more mobile phones than toilets with running water in India. This is why. 
EVERYONE honks in India, if you thought traffic was messy in South East Asia then come to India 

Then just 100 meter from it this luxury hotel filled with delicious food and classy rooms with running water and what not. What a world we live in. 
Nice pool
Horse jigsaw 
Short drive to the caves 
And a lot of monkeys on the road 

Where is that Pandoras box...

Top of Mumbai 

Wish I had history glasses and could see what happened here 2000 years ago 
Hundreds of dug out caverns 

Everything is still so much under development here 
Box houses 

There were these hilarious starts at the office... :D Falling is REALLY REALLY bad for you! 
Roads were trafficked no matter the time. Morning, midnights, 3 am, afternoons. 

Was a bit of morning que at the strip 

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