Monday, April 18

Suvadeee Kap! Love being back in Bangkok

Night flight and super tired, for some reason Indians all seem to travel with their infants. Constant screaming through the night from Hyderbad to Singapore where I transferred my flight.

One of the worse flights I so far had, ever. Thank god for these noise cancelling headphones made it a little better. Quick coffee at Changi airport and then to Bangkok! After 2 weeks in India and Sri Lanka it feels good to come to a bit less "Indian" place.

Tuuuu haaandreeed baht massages with great breakfast followed by just sleeping off the horrible night flight by the pool. Was some awesome laser tag in the night although I sucked big time!

Sleep off that horrible night at the plane here...Ok can do. It feels like it was worth it now 
 Some yum yum Thai streetfood! 
 JJ market - Worlds biggest outdoor market. They have everything! 

 Soon bae can chill on this! 

 Went laser tagging one night but as you can see from the results I suck. My colour-blindness probably made me shoot most of my own and the rest...well don't know. Funny that the only one with military training in the group is one of the worse. Says something about my time in the navy...

 Randomly walked by Dinosaur Planet 
 So awesome that they have a TIm Ho Wan here! 
Then again, the streetfood is also a good choice! 
 Japan came to Bangkok 
 This was...weird. Did the frog help from drowning or what 
 Probably the best 90 buck hotel you can find in Bangkok.

 This ATM ate my card...My card is from China. In order to get a new card I need to go back to China. But I have nothing planned for China before November or so. GREAT! Luckily I got the money trasferred to my Beijing account from Shanghai so it's fine. But still....Argh.
It's not Bangkok if you don't take a Tuktuk somewhere

 Started to go through a checklist of Asia's TOP 50 bars. I guess I could do all of them in 1 year...Best in Bangkok is on number 17 from the total list. Check! The drinks were great at Vesper and about 10 euro each. 

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