Saturday, April 16

Hyderabad, of ancient Kings & Queens

Hyderabad is a muuuuuch better city than Mumbai, the climate is hot but at it's the kind of dry hotness that doesn't feel sweaty at all. And it doesn't smell like a damp basement.

My customer took me to an amazing dinner place called Jewel of Nizam. It really was a jewel and I had one of the best Indian dinners ever! The Jewel is up in a tower on the 10th floor so it also offers nice panoramic view of the city with large windows. High end Indian food is a guarantee here! And no major stomach issues afterwards either.

Next day our partners had booked a lunch for me at Falaknuma Palace, I didn't even know that it has been voted the most beautiful palace after Versailles! Amazing place and the food is priced same as some normal restaurant anywhere in Finland. MUST go if your in Hyderabad. Just remember you need to reserve your spot 1 day prior to arrival or they will NOT let you in. I would say it was more beautiful than Versailles because of being more cozy. So going back next time here! 

The Jewel

Many great choices
 Perfect choice Shalabh!
 Good morniiing!
 Top floor 25th from The Westin in Hyderbad looks pretty trippy.
Breakfast view also pretty nice. Work work work 
Food choices definitely don't run out

Most people have nothing here. Luxury and poverty live next to each other

The Charminar in the background, went up there first time in Hyderabad about 1,5 years ago. Traffic is very much like organised chaos in India. Cars running in all directions, bikes, tuktuks, people, honking and sometimes cows walking on random too. 
The palace garden is massive! 

Arrive in style...! 

Welcome, to Falaknuma Palace! 
Upstairs courtyard. Restaurant is straight ahead 

Wasn't allowed to take photos inside but I managed to snap this one. The dining room, bedroom, billiard room are beyond amazing. Really wished I could have taken a picture or 2. 
Feels like eating as a king! 

This way, Sir. 
Super nice just baked! 
Some fantastic lobster 
Highest point in Hyderabad, city skyline 
Guest-rooms, it's also a hotel you can stay in. Should check it out next time if prices are reasonable

Very well kept garden 

Until next time India! 

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