Sunday, April 10

Bentota - Heavenly beaches!!!

First time I spent I went to the seaside in Sri Lanka and have to have it was not disappointing! Bentota is only about 60 kilometers from Colombo but the roads are heavily trafficked so the whole trip takes about 2 hours. People drive like crazy here...Surprised I didn't see a single accident during my whole week here. 

The beaches here are gorgeous and almost empty, not many people have found Sri Lanka as a tousirt spot...yet! I'm sure that in a few years this place will become much more popular! Really worth the drive and trouble to get here. Sooo peaceful. Saw some wild whales for the first time in my life, you can take the whale tour from Mirissa beach. Driving to Mirissa from Bentota took around hours without traffic 5 am and 3 hours with traffic coming back in the afternoon. But really worth it!

SEA-Vitamin is the best vitamin!

 Amazing resort
  What a colourful bug 


These I'm not so sure what they are 
Crazy traffic...
Time to go out into the deep blue sea! 
Busy ship route by the southern coast

All that gold on the sea! 
Free Willy! 


Ghost ship?

Had a lovely seafood BBQ dinner by the sea. The setup was one of the best ever 

Goodnight, Bentota 

Let's go bro 
One of the most gorgeous sunsets I've seen 

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