Monday, April 4

Colombo - If Alice In Wonderland Had a Second Home

It's about exactly 1 year since I came to this gorgeous island the first time. It's been growing a lot in 1 year. Many international hotel chains are going to open here by the end of 2016. Hyatt, Sheraton Mövenpick and Shangri-la has huge building complexes almost done in the city center. Wonder how the local hotel chains will compete with that. The government has set up quite ridiculous rules for hotels in Sri Lanka. If you are a 5 star hotel, you cannot have the room rates below 150 USD. No promotion prices are allowed, only breakfast for free. Let's see if rules change when more players are on the market. Average salary a month for locals is what 1 night cost so it's not resonable at all....

Took a jogging tour around Colombo to see some temples and just walk around. Nice to run in scorching hot 35 degrees! WATER!!

Some jetlag from Japan with 3.5h time difference, woke up after 5 am and saw this gorgeous view. Looks like it's going to be a wonderful day! 
 I don't know about you but it kinda feels like a waste of sea-side view with rail tracks
Train passing the whole city, making it very convenient for traffic! 
 Rooftop lounge at Kingsbury 
Sky lounge 
 The city is still very much under development 
 Line up your elephants 
 Blue skies, green lakes 

 Yum yum, cheap lobster! Thanks Kapila 
 Badass flag they have here 
 The night is always blood red in Sri Lanka, every day! It's just amazing. I never seen it cloudy here! 
 Gangaramaya Temple 
 Old faithful still standing in the temple 
 Amazing details on the hindi temples 
Some foreigners did base jumping from the WTC, pretty cool. 

 New thing added to bucket-list....

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