Monday, May 25

Hanoi Rocks

One really nice city that is very much underestimated for travellers! The prices here are really cheap and there is loads to see, not to mention the awesome food. Was nice to come and feel the tropical heat of 37 for a few days.

Pudong airport is huge
The world can be such a beautiful place
 There was a truck of chickens that passed me in the night after arriving in Hanoi. Nuggets on wheels 
 Nice to workout when the gym looks like this 
 North side of the city
South side of the city, not that many skyscrapers....yet
 Monster latte :D 
 Best springrolls in the world - In Vietnam
 Mix of old and new in this city
 Old Quarters 
 A must to have a few of these everyday
 Bags anyone? 
 Pretty amazing sunset, should have brought my other camera with me to catch this 

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