Sunday, May 10

Amsterdam - A place like no other

The old trade hub of Europe and a world power back in the days. The city is amazing with almost all the buildings dating back to the 17th & 18th century around downtown. The 100 km of canals running through the whole city is very unique to this city. And not only that, there are so many great museums like Van Gogh and Rembrandt to name the biggest. What flocks even more tourists here is the totally legal weed and any sort of marihuana. Chip in a red-light district and legal prostitution too and you get Amsterdam. Downtown streets are constantly full of tourists. And so many yum yum munchies places too. Love this city!

First stop in downtown, Rijksmuseum (National museum). The que was sooooo long. Took about 2 hours before we were in the museum. And inside was too damn crowded to even be able to enjoy all the art. At least the "famous" art, the stuff that was not Rembrandt or Gogh was more quiet. Well, you can judge yourself from the pictures. 
I amsterdam 

 Shiny shiny gold, my precioussssszzz

 Cool jewellery box 
 I wonder how practical this cannon was 
 Van Gogh self-portrait
 Awesome loading station, put your phone in the box charging with given cable and lock it. Come back in 30 min and your all set. Nice 
 This is what I mean about crowds...Didn't even bother going there
 Rembrandts nightwatch 
 A 400 year old library. Was so quiet and cool, here I could imagine sitting sipping some coffee and studying 
 Some details 
 Now this is the kind of treasure every pirate wanted to find! 
 Seriously, whatever "art" this is suppose big fail 
 Canal cruise with lucky front seats 
 Bikes, loads and loads of bike. The cruise captain said the canals are 3 meters deep. 1 meter water, 1 meter dirt and 1 meter of bikes. I can see how that would be possible :) 
 Central square with added theme park to celebrate incoming freedom day
 Amsterdams smallest pub

 The beautiful canals 


 The skinny bridge...wonder why it's called that? 
 Hede: Ring ring, go'morron 
 Flower market to the left 

 Coin tower straight ahead, the city wall used to be there 
 Van Gogh museum

 Choose your tulip, there are plenty 
 Nice nice 
 Lock it! 

 And my favourite room in my favourite museum: Rembrandts treasure chamber! There is stuff from all over the world! If I could choose whatever life I could I would like to be a 17th century world explorer like Marco Polo 

 This is all just candy, yum 
 What's up dawg 
 The toothbrushes are riding the ferris wheel 

 Oldest bars in town 

 Snake bridge on Java island 
 Lol! For all Finnish people, this will be hilarious 
 Amsterdam Centraal 

 Anne Frank museum, the line was about 200 meters long so this will be all I have about her...
 My kinda pouch
 Chem trying out some bikes 
 View from the central railway station 

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