Wednesday, June 3

Getting Shanghaied!

Long time here to do things I haven't had time to do in a long time! Weather has been a constant 25+ and sunny. Pretty perfect! Great brunches and loads of food has been consumed the last 10 days! Shanghai can really be a lot of fun. Anyone planning on visiting? Haven't had anyone here the whole last year.

 Office view 

Taking care of bank stuff...Great customer service. Miss your turn, que again! I hope they give me the credit card I applied
 Went to look for some food after gym, found this One Piece ripoff restaurant 
 Luffy would not be happy to see this. Hede? 

 Went to a IMPROV one evening, they have them every Wednesday night. First half was great, the second one not so much 
 A margarita beer, great biritas! 
 North eastern Chinese food. And lot of it! 
 Devil lives in a bottle
 The American Dream...Think it was the best hamburger I've had in Shanghai so far. And this place is just next to my apartment! 
 The Nest, cool bar
 Awesome balchony in Suzhou creek 
 I think they tried to write something else...
 Food market below my old flat, smells AWFUL 
 The irony...guy probably escapes his wife or gf saying he goes "to the gym" 
 Suvi Bileet to start the summer at Marriott
 We had an amazing view at the 30th floor

 Shanghai BBQ competition...Good way to start Saturday with 
Ribs! Steaks! Sausages! Burgers! 
 And the winners are...

 Paul Van Dyk was playing in Myst later on Saturday...I just decided that I don't like the kind techno he is playing, was last PVD gig I went to. Hennessy has really made a special box, inside was a tiny bottle which I wonder how much they charged for

Paul, put your hands in the air like you just don't care
 Hah, they had fried things...

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