Monday, May 11

Keukenhof - One amazing tulip garden

Did you know that 60% of all the worlds tulips come from Holland? One of the most known garden is called Keukenhof and everyone who likes flowers should visit! It is only open for about 1 month each year when the flowers blossom during April. Really pretty to look at, see for yourself...Gonna spam this blog entry with LOADS of pretty flowers.

Glad morsdag Mamma, kan inte ge alla blommorna men bilderna nog :) 

 It was really crowded...There was a 200 meter line to take the bus here but that was NOT an option, thank you UBER for taking me here

Busy bee to fly all these flowers 
 Almost like fields of blood 

 All the colours! 

 A flower Van Gogh


 Bleeding love? 

 Kinda like the flag of Finland 
 One amazing garden this place 

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