Thursday, May 7

Pellinge, the Finnish archipelago

Anther year again passed since I was here last time...Still "pre-summer" and not too warm but that doesn't stop us from a summer BBQ feast.

Stopped by Brundberg which is a 100+ years old chocolate factory. They have a shop in the factory and free chocolate to eat while you shop :) I used to love coming here as a kid and stuffing my mouth full with goodies 

 Since 1871 
Taking the boat out for a spin around the hundreds of islands 
 Out in the sea, Skvettan. Estonia is not that far ahead 
 Fluffy sheep of the many things I would not take photos of before living a long time in China with pollution

Amazing sunset 

 On first of May we eat "strudels" which fried dough with some powered sugar on it. Yum yum

 Into the East 
 My grandmothers old sun watch 
 First boat ride this season for me 
 Best mom & dad in the world 
 Stopped by in BorgĂ„, this town belongs to one of the oldest in Finland. 

 The old church on top of the city, was burned down accidentally by a kid some years back but fixed again! 
 "For the ones that fell fighting for the Finnish freedom" (referring to the war with Russia)
 Reflection so clear 

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