Sunday, May 17

To Shanghai!!

Came home to Helsinki for 1 day and repack my stuff and sort everything, it's been a nice 3 weeks on this side of the world again. Been eating WAY too much and not much exercise either, changes now. Not looking too much ahead of the jetlag going east, it's always worse to go to China than coming from China. You feel tired in the daytime and awake during night. When going back home you just wake up earlier than normal which is grey, no need for alarms! 

Bye Helsinki, see you in a month again. Better be warm here then!  
 We had a tailwind that was over 150km/h...So the plane total speed was over 1000km/h. Must be the fastest I ever travelled. Came 30 min ahead of time to Shanghai 
 There it is! Pudong skyline! This city is soooo different when it's warm! Always forget the good sides to it during winter. Sunshine and 29 degrees here I come! 
 Some issues with the battery when I cam back, these guys fixed it for free though :) Thanks 
 My "local" place for haircuts, they charge me 10 rmb, which is about 1 Euro. Can't beat that price 
 Good morning beautiful Shanghai! I guess waking up 4 am with a jetlag at least gives a nice sunrise.

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