Sunday, May 24

One weird medical expo

I just realised that the amount of drugs sold in China is staggering! With 1.3 billion people popping pills the pharma companies must be making so much money here. The regulations to buy drugs is also pretty lenient here. I remember once buying antibiotics without any kind of prescriptions in a pharmacy. China has one of the highest reates in bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. No wonder...There was just so many people at this expo! And loads of weird stuff too. 

 Many of the stands were huge

 Some memes walking around with packages of drugs. How...innovative. But also a bit weird
 Placewas so crowded, this boot here were getting a lot of people with competition to "win a bike". This expo was a bitt different than in Europe, there were almost no free give aways, just fliers. I guess many people just come and take stuff instead of having any actual interest in the event. 
 So people just threw the fliers away right after getting them. There were dozens of people just randomly handing out fliers. What use do they think it is to walk around randomly giving out papers without even saying anything about the product? Waste of manpower and paper. 
Trash thrown everywhere, so well behaving people 

Haha, so weird stuff they had at the expo 

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