Friday, May 8

Holland - First stop: Utrecht

Probably the second best country in Europe, the only place I would rather live in is Berlin (and that almost like an own country)...Love the canals, old buildings and all the culture and art there is to see here + great people. I thought that London had a lot of tourists but there are actually a LOT more in Amsterdam. Be prepared to WAIT long times before accessing museums...What made things worse is that I was here on labour day + a weekend. Cannot recommend it to anyone!

Stayed in Utrecht the first 2 days because there was absolutely NO free hotel rooms in Amsterdam center. The train ride here is only 30 mins and there are some local sites worth seeing. Can warmly recommend it if your planning to stay over a week in Holland. The Haag is another place you also want to check out (but not for me this time)

See ya, Helsinki
Oldest church in Holland - St. Martin and building it began as early as 1254. It's been there a LONG time. Amazing view with the canals 
 Miffy, the little cartoon rabbit in many forms from Utrecht 
 Inside the church, gothic 

 Nice that they left the old windows 
 Tired much? 
 The promised rain today, we were lucky 
 Random but found this statue that looks a looooot like Donnie Darko. Right Laakso? I looked it up online and found that it was part of some "hidden gems of Europe" statue. 

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