Tuesday, September 2

Officially 7 years in China - September 1st! Visiting Rangitoto Island

Two days ago it has been EXACTLY 7 years since I first set my foot on Chinese soil, mine does time go by fast! It feels just like yesterday even though so so many things has happened since. I met so many great people on the way, seen so many new places and learned so much. Without all you people who helped me on the way this amazing journey would never have been possible. That also goes to Mom & Dad who always supported me with everything. Very grateful for all the help I've gotten I will try to repay it in any ways I can. If someone would have had come up to me the day before I left to the airport and tell me a few of the stories I would never had believed him. Happy that I started to write this blog too because otherwise it would be impossible to keep track on what happened when and where. Everything started with an exchange student program at Shanghai Finance University, after 6 months there I was sold and knew I had to go back...2008 it was off with a one way ticket to Beijing and learn Chinese and the rest is history that can be found here on the blog with 1000 entries already! I wonder how many hours I have spent writing this blog and posting photos here...

Took a boat ride out to Rangitoto island. It was raining and cold but no matter, who's made of sugar anyway? Rangitoto is an old volcano, there is a trail that leads they way all up to it with an spectacular view. I can only imagine how great it will look on a clear day! It was also used as a fortress during the second world war. After the war 1 soldier was forgotten on the island and he stayed here for 5 years guarding it. Too bad he didn't have an iPhone to check that the war was already over...poor guy. 

Ferry takes about 25 minutes and is 29 NZD
Queens Wharf
Auckland skyline
Sail away, perfect symbolic meaning to the day I departed Finland 
This guy didn't mind the storm and rain at all...
Welcome to Rangitoto island. Your are not allowed to bring any soil or things from other places when coming here. It's a very protected natural habitat.
Welcome to the untouched jungle! 

 There are loads of natural lava caves formed on the islands you can crawl, but what's inside? 

 Small and narrow passages, watch your head

 On top of the volcano, it's about 1 hour hike
Wartime bunker on top of the volcano 
 Massive crater 
 Amazing view
 West bay, great beach during summers

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