Sunday, August 31

A trip to the other side of the world - Auckland

If you want to get as far away as possible from everything where to go? New Zealand! Even from Shanghai it took almost 13 hours with a straight flight! Was the second longest flight I ever taken and by far the most southern.

Fresh air! So early in the morning that sun is just getting up, Air New Zealand was great. Looking at the map its so far from everything. 

 Aotea Square
  For those who have lived in Beijing will know what this means 
 Like a sea worm
 Queens Wharf

 Thirsty? Nope, not too much in 12 degrees and rain
Auckland Maritime Museum
1920's shop
 Even though we are oceans apart, I miss all you good people back home
Immigration in hope of a better life back in the days. After the industrial revolution in 1800s in Europe a lot of farmers were without work because there had been so much development in automatisation. They choose to go elsewhere in the British Empire to find a better life and more opportunities

 It took up to 6 months to sail to NZ in the 1800s, there was only dried meat and rock hard cookies to eat. The water was also scarce because there were no machines that could turn sea water drinkable. It also became contaminated and bad after 3 months of storage. Must have been an awful ride with this room full of people
 Time made it easier to travel
 A REAL suitcase, was entirely made of wood and steel. Must have been 100kg. Mobility wasn't a key back then
 Samoa ships
 Boats throughout times

 Auckland Harbour
Rain keeps pouring down....
 The old train station
 Downtown skyline
 Parnells Town
 Loads of small shops and restaurants

 Sky Tower
You can jump down from the tower, a lot like in Macao
 Queens Street, the main street in the city

 A demonstration against ISIS in Iraq. "The were chanting "protect the christians in Iraq"
One of the best ice coffees ever bottled! 
Made some peanut butter banana sandwiches, yum 

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