Thursday, September 25

This and that in Shanghai

My roomie bought a bicycle but it got a flat tyre 7km from our home. How to take it home? Can't fit it in a taxi and don't wanna walk that way either. Go with a scooter and put it on your shoulder! Problem solved, getting a bike, with a bike. Oh jeah and it was sorta raining that evening, jei. The bikebike rider ! 
Looks comfortable huh? Crossing Yan an road
 Eskil moved to Shanghai from Beijing a while ago, got a gym buddy after so many years of going alone! Awesome!
 Same massage in Jingan just next to home I've been going to since 2011...They still have an almost 2 hour long massage for about 8 euros, nice! 
 The DVD shops here sell the newest stuff here, its just about 1-2 euro for each
 New meets old, it's just a matter of time when those small houses will be demolished and new big ones replaces them 
 Went to an event near The Bund in the night, it's a futuristic scene
 On Sunday there was a South America food festival. Drinks and foods from all over the latin continent. So good! You could get 1 set meal from each country and 3 drinks. Price at door was 350 rmb but def worth it. 
Live band too

Just before the rain...When I left office the other day it was very very RED. Never seen it like this before. It's like as if the sky was bleeding.
 The UFO arena, I remember seeing Akon here many years ago

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