Tuesday, September 16

Jing An Temple - In Shanghai again

It's now over 7 years since I came to Shanghai for the first time but still have not visited Jing An Temple. Well time to do something about that! I still remember back in 2007 that I used to come to Jing An Subway stop when I was in "downtown" because they had a huge and awesome DVD shop. I also remember my dad buying half of the store when parents were visiting. Turned out that a lot of the DVD's in some of the boxes were something else or not to be found. Anyway, the price was very reasonable and you can't get DVD cheap back home :) Anyway, I just happend to pass the Jing An Temple and decided to go and check it. They really put a high price to visit it, 50 rmb. I remember seeing a sign for 5 or 10 rmb before....Times change. It's actually not a very old temple anymore. During the Culture Revolution in China it was made into a plastic factory, as it looks now it has only been for about 10 years. Still a pretty cool temple even though it isn't very old.

View from up in the temple
View from the entrance

 Temple and next door a mall with massive "Chanel" text. Religion meets capitalism
 The 9 dragons
 Wonder what they were wishing luck for, maybe had a job interview later in the afternoon?

 Such a beautiful day, haven't seen the sky this blue for a bit

 The sitting coin
 Right in the center of the city, probably the noisiest temple ever because the way Chinese drive...Lot of honking for no reasons really
 This guy in blue tried to throw coins into the dark pillar, he succeeded on the 11th time, way to go, don't become a basketball plater man
 Skyscrapers looming behind the temple

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