Wednesday, September 17

How hard can it be to register a bike? CHINA!!!

There are some new rules in Shanghai starting from September 1st that even though you only have an electric scooter it needs to be registered. Before you didn't...So I can just imagine what a wonderful job the police at the office will have now when millions of bikes need to be registered immediatley. If police catches you without the "licence" they confiscate your bike. So better get it registered....Well I went to buy a new electric scooter because the other one i got from Kari does not have a battery you can take out. Makes charging it very difficult...Bought a brand new scooter, went to the police station to register. First time I come they say it's TOO WIDE, cannor register a scooter like that...Ok, well solution for this was just to take the front iron bar away. And back to the police station again....So far so good after waiting in a que for 1.5 hours. When it's my turn finally they say someone has already registered your scooter. What? Yes, it is registered for Mr. Chen in Shanghai Songjiang district. OK! Great! Well back to the shop AGAIN. They said that they will have a new scooter coming next evening....great. Next morning the guy at the shop calls me HURRY UP AND COME PICK A SCOOTER! I wonder what the hurry is suddenly. When I arrive there is a whole truck full of bikes, he wants me to choose one. I take an almost identical one and off away goes my "old" bike. Really monkey business....Tomorrow I will go an try AGAIN to register the "new" bike. Really hope it works now and never need to go and register stuff again!

Brand new scooter in the shop!! Or is it?
Taking off the iron bars in front after the first try...
Waiting in line to enter the police station....was soooooo slow
The "old" bike  goes bye bye and a new same one with hopefully un-used serial number is mine
 It also takes about 4-5 people to watch what is going on when a white guy changes his scooter...
 The new one!!
 And up in the truck goes the old one...

Finally got it!!! Mine mine mine
At least the evening was super pretty! Pics from my rooftop on the 28th flooor

 Love you Jing An
 Found a cathedral just next to my home, thought the banned these in China! 
Chinese guys at the gym:
1. Smokes cigaretts
2. Works out in jeans
3. Does not bother changing shoes
4. Spends more time with the phone than the actual workout
5. Screams much more than necessary even when lifting tiny weights, come on guys

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