Wednesday, September 10

Beautiful Sydney

Didn't walk around very much this time, had seem almost everything there was in Sydney during the 2 weeks stay last time. Just stroll around the center for some nostalgic feeling and admire the city center. A damn beautiful city! 

Happened to pass Clarence Street, that house on the 3rd floor is where I lived last time. Thank you again Maren for fixing that up! Could not have afforded to live in Sydney during that time yet haha
 Darling Harbour, the maritime museum was really awesome here. You can go into a submarine. Pics from that back on the blog this year in March
 Darling Harbour bridge
 It's like coming to China when you sten into Paddy's market. All the stuff is from China, the shopkeepers are chinese and you bargin for a price. "When in Rome" 
 Loads of cathedrals around Sydney, nice evening glow 
 Fresh honey
 THE best panorama view of the city! 
 Not that many hotels make it for 100 years, must be a nice place
 Opera house from the Harbour Bridge

 Polly want a cracker? A parrot sat down watching me eat lunch. It's tropical here alright

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