Sunday, September 14

Brisbane for an extended weekend

Just checked the weather report and Sydney was gonna be rainy. Brisbane suppose to be sunny! And tickets with Jetstar only 100 euros so it's a GO! One new city to add to "been to" map. Looked for different hotels but decided to stay in a Hostel. Can't remember when was the list time I've been to one. Was called Bunk Hotel, really nice place in the center of the city. Was just a few minutes walking everywhere. Brisbane was a really nice and chill city, a lot smaller than Sydney but it had everything. Seems to be very popular for Asians too because "China Town" and the amount of Asians here was large! 

First thing I saw parked outside the hostel, this is how it''s done in Aussie land
 S.t Margaret Cathedral 
 City Hall
 South Bank Beach
 Wheel of Brisbane
 Nepal Peace Pagoda 
 Bamboo art of some sort....
 National Museum, bad bad to dive with these guys
 Found the most awesome graffiti ever, Coffee rules everything around me! 
 Took a walk to the south in "New Farm". Suburbs
 New Farm riverside
 Koala Sanctuary Zoo....Loads of kangaroos you could feed here
Mini kangoroo
Lazy lazy guy
 Hugged my first Koala! 
Downtown, the tower is actually called "Blue Tower", very suitable
 My flight back was at 7 am, had to take the first sky train at 4.33 am. Hate early flights...

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