Thursday, September 4

Finally some sun in Auckland

After 4 days of rain the sun finally decided to show itself! The whole city changed from grey and boring to something much more beautiful. It was warm enough to sit by the harbour and enjoy lunch in a t-shirt :) Really want to see this city during summertime sometime in the future! 

Sky City Tower, sunshiiiiine
 Viaduct Harbour
 Another country build by immigrants
 Would be a very nice place to live at! 
 Since it didn't rain I decided to take an evening walk around the main downtown for a while. And it was definitely worth it. 
 Sky City watching over the city in Blue
 Just outside the Maritime Museum
 Viaduct Convention Center, really nice reflection in the water
 Downtown skyline by night 
 Somekinda art, a ship?
 Loads of cool shops with marine products by Viaduct Harbour
 We all know that Ship happens sometimes

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