Monday, May 5

To Finland for the weekend

It's so easy to fly back and forth between Stockholm & Helsinki now, and the prices have dropped a lot with all the new cheap airliners like Norwegian. When I went to the airport after work it was dead. Not any people! Arlanda airport check-in, security and stores did not have a single person. It seemed that my plane was the only one leaving the whole airport that night...Would love flying like this every time! Was awsome playing a 10 hour Diablo 3 set Hede! Need to continue that :) 

An empty Arlanda airport
 Sökö backyard, summer is soon here 
 Helsinki Maitolaituri
 Getting some ice cream at Helsingin Jäätelötehdas, nothing beats hand made ice cream in the sun!

 Happy Easter! 
 Not everything was fun this weekend, a beloved relative passed away and there was a big funeral in Kyrkslätt. Rest in peace Lena
 And on Sunday it was back to Stockholm again, they have a cute Moomin store at the airport

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