Monday, May 12

Stockholms Sightseeing

Monday - Fridays have been quite busy with work and late dinner, seminars and customers have been taking up a lot of the "own" evening time. So, on weekends need to take out as much as possible in sightseeing this new city of mine! Went to Stockholms museum of Medieval history and City museum. The Medieval museum had loads of info about how people were living in Stockholm back in the time and also the original city wall from the 16th hundreds. Apart from that the exhibition wasn't very amazing. There are better places you can go and pay 100 krones for. Good thing with going to the Medieval museum is that the tickets is valid for 1 year and also allows you to go to the City Museum. One thing worth checking just next to the city museum is the GONDOLEN. It was build in 1880 to help people get around the city better since there are a lot of elevated parts in Stockholm. The engine pulling the elevator was a state of the art coal engine from USA. Must have been seen as high tech back then.

Art Cafe, a cellar dating back a few hundred years remade into a cozy cafe with amazing food and snacks

 Serieboden where I used to come often with Dad as a kid. Here they have almost any comic book you can imagine, new ones/vintage and collectors editions! 
 In oldtown
 This shop announced it different that they are open
 Storkyrkan, the oldest church in Old Town
 Inside Storkyrkan 
 The original statue of Saint Goran slaying the Dragon. It was made in 1471 in memorial of winning over the Danish occupants around Stockholm. The battle was a huge victory for Gustav Wasa who later became the king of Sweden. 
 One massive painting
 The Medieval Museum
One very very old rock by the Vikings
 Replica of how Stockholm looked back in the days
 The gallows for criminals 
 Medival ways of torture 
 Prison mask to protect the prisoners identity
 Sunken ship found in Stockholm 
 How it probably looked a long time ago in Stockholm

 The City museum
Being taken away by ze guards
 Going up to Gondolen
Stockholm downtown from GONDOLEN. One of the best viewpoints in the city, a must see if your in town first time! 
 Slussen, where the boats from Helsinki are docking 
 Katarina Kyrkan, there was a wedding ceremony inside so could not really take pics 
 Found a Bunker Bar in Södermalm! They have really cheap beer too! Only 39 krones for a pint

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