Sunday, May 11

Psy-trance Pop-up forrest party

Something new in my bucket list done, go to an underground secret forrest pop-up party! I've heard about these parties but never been to one. Until now :) This is definitely one of the coolest outdoor parties I have ever been to.

Around 1 hour outside Stockholm city center a different kinda of party was organised. A huge generator was brought to be able to supply the power and a few DJ's lined up. The music was mostly psychedelic trance much like Infected Mushrooms. Was an awesome night! Took the morning bus back at 4.44 into the city. Public transport here is so much better than Finland! There is no extra fee for late night buses or subways like in Helsinki where you pay the "night fee".

Let the music take you into the light 
 In the chillout tent they had some pretty cool art and neon stuff 

 Awesome menu and the prices were VERY resonable. Like China 
 A fire to keep warm was very cozy :)
 Sun going up in the morning, mist covers the sea

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