Wednesday, May 7

Game On 2.0 - Stockholm Tekniska Museum

What an amazing expo, again! Just when I thought I visited the coolest museum expo ever another bigger one comes to Sweden! All kinds of home entertainment systems build the last 30 years and arcade machine. What a day for a geek :) It's worth flying over from Finland just to see this if your a geek and spent your childhood playing Nintendo, Sega & Super Nintendo!! They had everything here, Super Mario, Mega Man, Pac Man, Pong, Street Fighter, Space Invaders much much more and....Angry Birds.

GAME ON 2.0!!! Stockholm Tekniska Museum
 Our childhood blue hero
Entering chinldhood...
One of the first ones ever made, loads of bling! 
 Nintendos first version in Japan
 Neogeo, one could not even dream to afford one of these back in the days...
 Stefan this is for you, Legend of Zelda 1 was legendary
 Wonder how many hours I spent playing Street Fighter as a kid?
I think everyone has tried this :)
 Some retro portable machines

Never seen one of these before, looks pretty simple, By Atari

 Tomb Raider 1 to PS1, graphics were not that good back then...
 Jack & Dexter

 Pac Man and a few other legends
 Borderlands, probably my next Halloween outfit! 
One of the first games in the world, PONG! 

 Grand Turismo 5 with 3 screens, force feedback steering and a chair that actually made it feel like your sitting in a car!
 "3D tennis" oldschool style
 This was my second trip to the expo, no matter if you go on a Saturday afternoon or Wednesday evening it was full of game fans! 
 Legend of Zelda, made in beads
 The friendbox, someone made a massive subwoofer looking like the crate from Portal
 Nuka Cola and caps from Fallout
Power armor helmet from one of the best games ever made, FALLOUT!
 Ice climber! 
Micke, this one if for you, Parappa The Rapper!

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