Sunday, May 18

Finland for a weekend again

Summer finally came! It's been so damn cold the last few weeks, would not believe it's almost June here. Had a late evening flight from Stockholm to Helsinki and landed around 1 am. Without any traffic it only took 1 hour to get out to our island from the airport. It was so peaceful and beautiful to watch the full moon on the mirror blank sea on the boat. I will so miss this when moving back to China soon again...Scandinavia is one of the best places to live in (only in summers though!!). Spent 1 day at the cottage, then home to play Diablo 3 which was the second highlight of Saturday :) Looking forward to my holiday next month to continue it again. Nerdy, yes but awesome. Make some free time in your schedule Hede from June 27th --->  On Sunday we went to a "rooftop" restaurant for a cool buffet. And before you know it, weekend is up and back to work again.

Taking a plane from Stockholm - Helsinki again. The prices have really gone down. Vary between 30 - 60 one way including all taxes and fees. Why go with the boat anymore...
Pellinge archipelago at 2 am, sun already rising. In exactly 1 month it will be the most light day of the year. The sun barely goes down during Midsummer night. 

 Put out some nets and got some fish to put on the barbeque
 Was visited by some seagulls while preparing the fish
Champage on the jetty to celebrate the first warm day & my brothers graduation. Congrats BRO! Great that you finally finished school! 
 Birds moving back to Finland. Wonder where they came from, Africa? South Europe? 

 Follow the leader
 To the end of the world and further! Never stop never hold back! 

 Lighthouse out in the sea
 A coffee break in the boat, food always taste a lot better by the sea! 
Meat feast! 
And ants for dessert, oh no wait, wrong country...These guys keep the snakes away at the island
Dinner at Haikaranpesä, an old water tower that's been renovated. They have pretty good buffet servings with great view! 
 Looks a lot like an UFO
 View from the restaurant is awesome. Can see most of Espoo & Helsinki
 Country of 1000 lakes & islands
 Cold cuts, salmon and salmon and loads of other yummy stuff

 Haikaranpesä inside
 Worlds best parents :)
 Just a weekend passes so fast, chilling at the airport Lounge on the way back to Stockholm
Retro chairs at the lounge, were super comfortable to chill in 

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