Sunday, May 4

Klara Vappen / Hyvää Vappua!

It's already May! Mine does time goes fast, feels like I just sat on a plane to USA but that was already 6 months ago. It's been an awesome crazy start to this year! May 1st in Finland & Sweden is celebrated mostly by high school students who graduated. A white hat is worn to show that you passed the school (pretty much the reason why I decided to go to High School in the first place). It's the first time I spent 1st of May in Sweden or "labour day" as it's called in english. The white hat wearing thing seems to be much more popular in Finland, not many was wearing it here. We went to see a huge bonfire in Skansen and then to an old nightclub called Bersen. The night was great if it would not have been really windy and super cold. First of May should already be warm! Give me some global warming...

Massive lines at Systembolaget (which is the only place in Sweden where you can buy alcohol)

"Celebrate your Valborg at Skansen" See the bonfire for 110 krones while listening to some singing. For free of charge you can freeze in the ice cold wind as well
Amazing clear weather the whole evening but just really really cold

 This windmill caught a bit fire during the time the bonfire was on

 Live music on the stage, classical though. Haven't really been to any other concerts than electronic the last year 
 180 degree view of Djurgården. Theme park Gröna Lund just by the sea

Fire walk with me 

After the bonfire at Skansen we went to Bersen, one of the oldest clubs in town. Sure has style

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