Thursday, May 29

Sunny weekend chilling in Stockholm

Summer is by far the most awesome time in north! No better place! People smile everywhere and it feels like living in a different country suddenly. Everyone is out of their winter hibernation :) There was a outdoor techno party organised not too far from city center. Great music by the beach. The after-party had been set in some company lunch place with trance and house music. Was a great day and evening. Sunday was also warm and most of the day went by chilling on Alvik's beach just next to my flat. Took my first swim in Sweden too, coooold water! 

Park party

And party ended when the sun set, perfect evening! Can even see the sun-rays! 
After-party in the "cafeteria"
Outdoor stage with house music
Indoor stage with trance music
Don't know that the theme was suppose to be, creepy? 
Give the doll some beer would you? 
Chilling at Alviks beach 
Flea market all around Södermalm
Derp signs :D 
Beautiful sunset in the evening while jogging around Alvik

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