Thursday, May 15

Drottningholm Castle - UNESCO Heritage

Just a few stations away from Alvik lies Drottningholms Castle which was a gift from the King to the Queen 1580. The palace has been renovated a few times so the style of architecture is a bit of a mix but has a Versailles touch to it. AND as if wasn't enough to have this massive palace they also build Europe's biggest "Chinese Pavilion". It is the biggest building complex that was influenced by Chinese style in whole of Europe and belongs to UNESCO world heritage. The dragons are not really Chinese though because they have wings. Also, the windows and roof isn't anything like China....Anyway, at least it's "inspired" by something Chinese-ish.

  Drottningholms Castle
One of Stockholms must see places! 

Was wondering what the RR means?

The Chinese Castle. Biggest in Europe! Well it looks somewhat Chinese-ish. Although I've never bumped into anything similar to this in Beijing. Beautiful!
Sunset at Drottningholm was stunning

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